Ang Pilipinas: Lakbay at Kalagayan

Hello to Myself!
January 30, 2008, 12:15 pm
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Finally, i am back.  This is truly liberating.  After a long, long while.  Being pregnant, giving birth, becoming a mom, found a job, busy at it.  How does one find time reconnecting to one’s Self again?  You just have to! 

In the haze of things, you change, you achieve your short term goals.  But, always go back to your homey Self.  There is always a tomorrow for all things.  Lead and live a balanced life.   For what is life about?  It is the freedom to be your Self, achieve your fullest potentials, and in this widening circle, help others achieve theirs too.

Take it easy.  Relax.  Life is too short.  And yet it is too long.


Kamusta na, Pilipinas?
July 6, 2006, 3:01 am
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water-lilies.jpg Marahil ang mga tao ngayon ay iniisip kung ano ang susunod nilang gagawin para mabuhay o para kumita pa ng mas malaki para naman maging komportable o maayos sa buhay. Ang pinakamabilis na paraan: umalis ng Pilipinas, magtrabaho o maghanap ng kasintahan sa internet, o gumawa ng negosyo. Ngyek, pera pa rin ang karugtong. Pero wow, sa totoo lang, ang bigat no’n. Ano kaya . . .

Teka, teka. Pagaanin naman natin ang palaisipan. He he. Subukan naman kaya natin ang isipin kung anong meron tayo sa kasalukuyan, habang gumagawa ng paraan para umangat. O ‘di ba, ang saya?

Nitong May lang naglakbay pulo kami ng aking irog. Hee hee. Bagong kasal lang kami nung March, at ito na ang pangalawang honeymoon namin. Ang talagang plano namin ay lumibot ng buong Pilipinas. Naku, kulang ang panahon. At, gaano ba ang kailangan para sa lakbay na ‘yon?

Yun lang. Masuwerte ako dahil ang naging trabaho ko ay umikot ng Pilipinas para makipag-usap sa samu’t saring tao tungkol sa amnestiya para sa mga kapatid nating nagrebelde. Ang saya, ‘di ba? Kaya nga nung una, ayos lang ang mag-“travel”. Noon, alam ko din namang mahirap magbiyahe kung limitado ang budget. Kaya yun nga ang ginawa namin ng aking kabiyak, ang maglakbay sa sampung (10) lalawigan sa loob ng dalawampu’t isang (21) araw.

Ngayon, puwede na kaming magbahagi sa inyo, kung papaano, na makita at maranasan ang ganda ng bawat lugar. Mga lugar na nakikita nyo lang sa tv. Ano kaya kung pumunta tayo don?

Free to Think and Speak: The Express Yourself Workshop – Reloaded
July 4, 2006, 8:29 am
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express-yourself-workshop.jpg The Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) today, began its “Express Yourself!” Reloaded, a workshop promoting a new, hip, and definitely the easiest, cheapest and fastest means of reaching out to a new and wider range of audience that is in the world of the net.

My Opinion: Who Says I Can’t Publish It?

In this age where everything is made possible by new and fast changing technologies made available to the public, yes I can publish my opinion. This is exactly the objective of the FNF in its workshop. WeBlogging. It is what Dr. Ronald Meinardus called an “empowering” mechanism by which one’s own ideas are promoted.

What is Blogging?

The Rules and the Norms. The speaker, Mr. Manuel Quezon III explained the nature of blogging which is essentially, political. Every aspect of our views are bred from political origins. For blogging then, one should choose one’s personality/ies, issue/s, political purposes, political roles. One also should define one’s rights and expectations. It’s all about the norms to keep the blogger in the right track and to be sustained in the world of blogging. All courtesy of Mr. Quezon.

The Techie Stuff. Tutorials. Mr. Abe Olandes opened up for the group the world of making one’s own blog. He discussed the following:

    1. applications
    2. advantages and disadvantages
    3. choosing the right blog
    4. getting your own blog
    5. basic features of blogging
    6. customizing
    7. promoting blogs, and
    8. monitoring blogs.

      Then came the real exciting part. Hands-On! Finally, grasping the full breadth of the world of blogging, the participants make their own.

      The High Impact Blog Copy

      But one does not just write and publish. There are still norms. And most importantly, how do you get noticed? Dr. Meinardus outlined said norms and later discussed important points in creating highly effective blog copies. Essentially, he said, “the basic rules of journalism apply”. (see text on “Some Notes on Writing for Political Web-sites”).

      My Blog

      As i previously have mentioned in my other work, in my work at the government peace process in the Philippines, i have gathered that much truths are to be said about the plight of the grassroots, the work of the government, the opposing forces, and just about anything from the ground and up, matters which i believe should be discussed and be made known. And indeed, I have found, and very much agree with Mr. Freidrich Naumann’s belief, “that a functioning democracy needs politically informed and educated citizens”.

      As my personal objective is, it is my goal to somehow, in my own little way, help empower more people, down to the grassroots, to have more independent minds with what’s happening to their surroundings and their country and eventually have the courage to make their own stand, starting from the FNF Weblogging and Podcasting Workshop.

      July 4, 2006, 4:55 am
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